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find out sewer hit at 37th street indian school road 52 times. and just like you were showing in the presentation how different areas are with the little graphs, they put the whole graph for you. it's all done for you so you don't have to do it. go ahead. >> so, they identify the tager so they can make sure [inaudible]? >> yeah, we don't. >> you can search it like i want sewer, put search sewer [speaker not understood]? >> i'll show you right after this. it's exactly right. they have people who are trained to read graffiti. how many people can read all this crap that you see? it's taken me a couple years to finally start -- oh, look at that, look at that. i even have my kids doing it now. dad, look, graffiti. hey, that is that says sewer. yeah, it does. they do all the analysis of t. if you do use their program -- and i'm not trying to promote graffiti tracker.
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i'm just telling you what we use because they wanted to get rid of it from the city of phoenix this month or this year. and i said, don't do it because this is helping me a ton. they will provide you a person to come to court as an expert witness if you need it. but after you go to waldo's presentation next, you'll become an expert, too. but you can use them if you needed to. they do everything for you. i told you about the maps. i know this is small. if you guys want any of this information as well, e-mail me and i'll get it to you. the big thing is -- not that much -- the report. we use the reports. the county attorney loves reports when we put it all together at the end. they even call it a d.a. report. okay. it's like this. it tells you every single picture, every single time, you know. there's some that even show you where they possibly might strike again, okay. the one, other good feature they have on here, is if you do
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arrest somebody, say you arrest sewer and you find out his name is ricardo sanchez, and say you get sewer down here in san francisco. you could type in that search and say, oh, he was -- there was a sewer that was arrested in phoenix, arizona on such time and date and the detective that arrested him. you can call that detective and say, hey, did you have a sewer there, yep, ricardo sanchez, really? you can match up things that way. they do travel. [speaker not understood]. when i went through his facebook he had a ton of pictures from california. and all we did is call out here, hey, do you remember this? unfortunately it's kind of hard to figure out where it was and he wouldn't tell me the california one for some reason. but it works, a big thing. the other thing that they do with graffiti tracker that like about is they give you the activities. a lot of the officers on the street now, they're like, hey, who is big in my area?
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you have this area up here it says all regions. * right there. you go in that all region, you can go into -- we have nine different precincts. you hit central precinct, boom it pops up. it tells you the last 30 days, last 90 daresctiontion last year, or all-time tagers. tell tells you how many times they hit, who they hit, who they are. if you have that documented. one thing we stopped doing is putting in people we have identified into this program because we have had officers that -- this is accessible to all of our phoenix police officers. they get on it and they said, oh, ricardo sanchez is sewer and sewer is written right there. so, he did it. we can't do it that way. they'll write reports and list them as a suspect in the whole matter and they want us to go out and arrest him. we have to prove that person did it. we took that out. we have our own database that we keep, like a microsoft works, whatever, that we can do all our searches for people we
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have identified. and we can tell the officer when they call us, hey, ricardo sanchez, yep, that's sewer. boom, then we can start moving on. but i love graffiti checker. it's a great program and it can help you out. once we do get a person like -- let's see, this one is sewer. sewer has 106 incidences. it tell you how many incidences they've done, how many total square feet of damage they've done, and this all ties in with neighborhood services department. it puts it all together for a big case. and all these pictures right here, when you hit this map or the d.a. report, it prints up all these pictures. that's when we sit down and interview them after we've arrested them. we sit down and talk to them about all these pictures. and one thing we do, i don't know what your state or city requires you to do, but ours, the success we've had is we sit down and go, hey, this is tight right here, man. this is good. yeah, i did that back when i was in the eighth grade right there. dog is still burning.
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yeah? that's tight, man, that's really tight. how did you do that? you give them a little honey and then they start initialing that stuff. they put their initial on it and they keep going. and then they start, oh, man -- they love doing it. they love going through this. give them a little honey. when you come out cross in the beginning, you're a vandal and all this stuff, you're not going to get anything from them. if you hit them up with honey and show what they did, we go through the whole thing. so, i go through all 107 with this individual and figure out what he did or didn't do. when i present it to court and i know this is the presentation about court, but something i hope i can help you guys if you need it, is i tell them, on or between the day he told me he first started tagging, you know, i first started tagging on this day in that picture right there. one of the guys we're going to talk about pretty soon here is jug. i remember i did that. that was when michael jackson died. i googled michael jackson's death and i got the date.
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so, you just use that and you keep going and put it all together. it makes a big case. this is like one of the biggest things we use is graffiti tracker. i'll show you guys a little bit about it real quick. let me log on. down there in tucson or casa grand -- don't beep at me. hey. what's that big tager you have down there? either one. >> [inaudible]. ger you have down there? either one. >> [inaudible]. >> i put you on the spot.
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* >> i think it's smoker. >> smoker? hold on on that. >> [inaudible]. >> as you can see, once you pull on the graffiti tracker, you have -- this is what the activity is in phoenix right now. i can tell you my top 10 right now, my most active taggers are size, toke, miller, merk, miller, rats, break, i know eight of those right now i have identified. still got to go out and check them. the way we like to do t though, once we identify them, we like to sit down and catch them in the act. it's easier to do in court and make a big case after you catch them in the act. what did you say? you got merc? let's take a look at merc. this is what happens. once you get on graffiti checker, you can find somebody, you can put a search in there for any tagger that you want.
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i know you had m. ob, money over bitches, that's a big tagging crew. over 700 incidences right now in phoenix. and the cool thing is you find out * the other thing it tells you activities with other taggers, activity with crews. how many times they were with. you can pretty much find out who their crew is. you can see this one is stk. >> i got that. >> you guys can see. his city is 45 minutes from phoenix and it's out in like -- almost like a little area by itself. i used to live in maricopa. it's a little town by itself way away from phoenix, 45 minutes outside the border of phoenix. >> [speaker not understood]. >> yeah. it's out there. and you're like, this kid is traveling. so, you can see it tells you what cameras they take pictures with. this is the mic camera, what it was removed, what type of
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surface it was. it comes with an incident number. that incident number is tracked to our graffiti abatement team. from them i give incident number, 451 4321. okay, we cleaned it up on this date and it was 45 21 for a damage estimate or $54. whatever it took for them to clean that off and how they cleaned it off, that's how we get our damage estimate to make a bigger case. >> [speaker not understood]? >> for the abatement? as that's a whole 'nother ball game and a whole 'nother day. but i can get it for you. they do an audit every year, neighborhood services department. last year we cleaned up $6.4 million in graffiti. so, it's pretty bad. i give you the person to get in charge -- with the abatement side, william hogan. i'll give you his number and stuff. he can tell you how they do an audit. they do a yearly -- every two years they do an audit and that's how they get their pricing on how many square feet that they have to do. and it just moves up and up and
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up. when i first started it was like 17 bucks. now it's like 54 bucks. so, inflation, man. so, yeah. this is a great thing. even if you don't know what some of the graffiti is and you start typing it, you can figure out one of the letters if this computer goes. back in that search area when it gets back there, they say you see that [speaker not understood] right there. that's merc. if you see merc right there and you don't know what it said but you can see the first two letters, m.e., you can go up here in the search area and just start typing. m-e and try to figure out, oh, you can look at some of these pictures. there's -- there's a mercs,
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too, mers. sometimes people get that confused with a k or an s. you can look at the pictures or try to match them up to the graffiti you have currently. the other thing about this, it's not just taggers, it's also gangses. we have gangs over here. we have like what's a big gang member, smily. there's always going to be a smily, right? the great thing is when you do do it, it pulls up. if i pull up like merc, i see that merc tags with five different other people. so, how can i get hold of merc? start finding out what the other guys are doing. it's a big, big thing for you to use. and this is how we put our big cases together. this is our hotline program and it's, like i said, the hotline program is similar to silent witness program i was telling you about. you remain anonymous. that's big for the kids, too. a lot of places that we use
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this hotline reward is in the schools because that's where you're going to get a lot of intel. once they see a little bit of this and they see a little bit of money going out, they become more and more -- people are ratting on everybody. we get them to rat on each other. we've even had taggers tell on other taggers. which is kind of funny. the rewards range from $75 to $250. like i said, we have a board that sits on it and he check off different things and how dangerous it was for that person telling the other. it's p just for kids. it's all over the city. we have billboards all over the city that say this is our program, call it, we can get you money, 75, $250. the other thing is i have these little green cards i carry with me. when i'm outlooking at -- doing graffiti. don't tell anything. when i'm looking at graffiti, i feel like a homeless guy sitting out there. they could use extra bucks. i give them the card. did you see who did is that?
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yeah, punk kid, blah, blah, blah. go to the pay phone right there, call 911 if you see them doing it and they'll get you a reward, 75 to 250. really? yeah. so, money is money, man. [laughter] >> i get them to help me out as well. this is our phone number. these are the things we need to know. this is our program, this is how -- these are the things we did to mandate it. the suspect's name, how to contact them school or home. what they wrote or tagged and the location of the graffiti. like i said, this is mainly directed at kids in school first. kids are always tagging up desks or books, whatnot, right? so, this is how we get them right here. they tell us this is my english class and it was john i was sitting up in the left-hand corner. we go up and find that. we pull little john i and talk to little john i. * johnny. it's not for prosecution at this point. we use the reward program. it's to identify them because we'll get them after that. now, what if i got identified merc through one of these things?
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that's a big way for us to help get a good case on someone. this is an example of some of the reward posters that we do. we also have -- in phoenix, we have those little flash cams. i think we had some over here, the vendors area. flash cams are awesome. these people don't even understand. we even have some flash cams that talk to you. you are trespassing in the area. vacate the area. they don't care. they just keep tagging. we use some of those flash cams to put on these -- put on here to try to catch them. put them on the media and catch them that way. all right. some of the fun parts on why we're doing what we're doing. >> hey, mike, [speaker not understood]. >> joe? >> yeah.
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>> i don't know what he he does, man. [laughter] >> anybody know about sheriff joe? crazy. >> [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> i was telling the story, the first time i came to phoenix, arizona, i was a fresh rookie cop. i took a guy to jail. it was just after lunchtime, about an hour after lunchtime. the guy was i'm starving, i'm starving. you should have thought about that before you went to jail. i'll give him some food. they gave him green baloney. i ain't eating that. don't come to jail. some of that stuff, the pink underwear is pretty cool. this kid that we did, again, i have a log that i keep of every tagger that comes over my desk. and i kept seeing jugs over and over and over again. * kit through facebook and graffiti tracker, we found out where he kind of possibly lived. and we actually caught him shop lifting in a circle-k and he's, you know, stealing beer and got
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him coming out. had cans on him because he he was painting on his way down from his mobile home to the circle-k. >> [speaker not understood]. [video presentation]
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>> he's facing up to six years in prison. -- he got 4-1/2.
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so, master grace feet aloe. he he did $10,000 worth of damage to the city. it's kind of funny. think about him being in the department of arizona correctionses. what are you in for? graffiti. [laughter] >> this is so awesome. i tell you another thing, you guys heard at the end, he told me in the interview. he's like, man, i'm glad you got me. why? because i can't stop. why can't you stop? because i'm addicted. i can't stop. why did you start doing grab pete aloe? well, i used to do drugs and i wanted to stop doing drug. my mom put me in rehab. the day he got out of rehab is the day he started tagging. that's how i found out how he got started. he said it was more and better than a drug. so, when i hear it's an addiction, i'm 100% behind that because everybody i've ever interviewed has told me they're addicted to it and they can't stop. >> [speaker not understood]. >> what's that?
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>> [speaker not understood]. >> yeah, the whole graffiti diversion program. whatever, i know what it is. i know how it is and that's what i'll attest to for as long as i do this job. but, yeah, he's addicted to it, couldn't stop. man, you should have seen him. he's 27, 28-year old man balling his eyes out to me about how he couldn't stop doing t. he can't stop thinking about it. every day he got up, every day he went outside. you see the canal they're on there? he he would walk the canal all day back and forth just tagging. >> [speaker not understood]. >> facebook. it started out with facebook and then -- the way we do things first, this is how it all starts. i always see jugs come across my desk time and time again. i keep a little log for myself every year of all the taggers that come through. see jugs, put it down. see whoever, put it down. then when i start seeing it more and more then i start going into it and start trying to do some intel on it.
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hey, man, you know who jugs is? it pops up. then after i find out who jugs is and kind of know who he is, i start oozing graffiti tracker. graffiti tracker shows me where he's hitting. guess where i saw it? all down that canal. so, we sat and watched him. like i said, he went into the circle-k. as he's going down to the circle-k from his mobile home, we had a whole crap load from where his mobile home. we knew where he worked and crap load of where he went to circle-k. come back this way, walk, walk wake, up and down. this is where it was. we sat on him, watched him, tagged up a couple srp boxes which is electrical box on the way up to circle k, went inside, stole some beer, that's how we got him arrested. while he was arrested, that's when we started talking about the grab feet feet aloe. -- graffiti. that's when he cried to me like a little boy and told me
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everything. it's a good deal. >> [speaker not understood]. >> he was cocaine, bad cocaine, he said. we have a lot of meth down there in arizona. so, the next guy that we got, after we did jugs, i'm like, man, this is cool, let's get some more. so, you know, it's addicting to me now. [laughter] >> so, that's right, it's a good addiction, though, right? you know, we got jugs and everything was good, and you
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know, [speaker not understood] the guy that you saw in the press conference, i don't do press conferences. i stay out of them. i don't like being in front of cameras. he was all hank paulson. then guess what? he got booted out of office and they brought in another guy. so, i'm like man, this is going to work with this guy, too. every new attorney that come n you have to sit down with them and meet them and tell them what this means to you and what you can do and what you can't do, see if they'll go with it. and, so, the new guy came in and i was like, i don't know if he's going to go with this, but let's try it anyway. so, this is where we met william brahas. i'll tell you a little about him, too, and his story. i'll wait for the advertisement. [video presentation] >> money for your gold.
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[video presentation continued] [speaker not understood].
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>> all right. william brahas, 20 years old, how we caught him, too, he used a lot of the internet. he was all over youtube, facebook. his girlfriend was big in helping us locate him. she put it on her facebook. you know, i don't know if you guys know this, too, when you take a picture and you post it on your facebook, it gives a little longitude-latitude. that's how we got up to glendale. we're in phoenix, arizona. let's see. here's a little bit about jugs again real quick. he got 4-1/2 years prison time, over $10,000 in damage to the city for clean up. got 6-1/2 years in prison.
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he did over $15,000 in damageses to the city. how we caught mod the first time, which kind of upset me, is he spray painted a fire station. and i don't know about you guys have good firemen like us, but our firemen like to kick the crap out of people that do things like that. they've helped me a lot. they actually chased this kid down, got him arrested for the criminal damage on the firehouse, but for some unknown reason we didn't get a call out on it. when i get something like that, i know who he is. i put a file stop on him. for some reason they didn't call me so i didn't get to interview him that day. i had to find them again. once he was released from jail he he was back out tagging again. his tags started moving north and west of our valley. where is he going? so, then, using facebook i found out where his girlfriend was and she lives in glendale. so, they take pictures and it
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goes on facebook and you do the longitude-latitude and you can get kind of close to where it was. well, just so happened that he tagged at 27th avenue in glendale, right on the glendale and phoenix border, we start today set up on him and found out where his girlfriend lived. we sat on the house and caught him, okay. after we arrested mod, broad him in, same thing. sat down and interviewed him for hours. and, man, they cry. you see that? once you start getting into their -- thing that helped me with mine and like i said, i'm not an expert, but if i can use -- if you can use something for me to help make your investigation successful, i don't start off with why did you do this, what did you do -- i start off nice and slow. tell me a little bit about yourself. it's like an interview, okay. and they tell you. you find something like jugs didn't have a dad. he said, i didn't have a dad to kick my ass to keep me right.
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it's okay, man. you try to hit those things and work them that way. mod, same thing. he was addict today it. could not stop. did not want to stop. just kept going. told me that if we didn't stop him, he'd still be writing. but here, 6-1/2 years in prison. so, we sat on that house. we arrested him that day. it was a great day, it was a great time. got him put behind bars. did his fingerprints. guess what? fingerprints came back. i got hits all over phoenix. what the hell is going on? guy is just a tagger, right? no, he did six burglaries in phoenix and five burglaries in glendale by his girlfriend's house. 35 guns stolen. went back and interviewed him. where did those guns go? he sold them. to who? bunch of tagger buddies. so, it go and goes and goes. and now he's got 6-1/2 years
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for the graffiti. he's facing up to 8 years right now for the burglary charges. so, it's not just graffiti. b feet i'm telling you, please don't believe that. * what else did i want to tell you guys? there's something. just be careful with some of these guys, especially when you deal with them out on the street. there's a couple incidences where we caught people in the act, arrest them, get their hands behind them, sure as crap they have a gun right there. so, either they have guns or they have pellet guns that look like guns. same thing as i'm going home to the family. they pull that on you. you know what you need to do. it's a getting worse. and we're doing a study -- you might be interested in talking to you about it. they're doing all the crimes that are linked to these guys that are taggers to the crimes that they're doing beside. i'm sure you're doing a lot with us.

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